Executive Assistant

Not everyone wants or maybe even needs a full time assistant. However life is busy and someone to take care of your needs before you even think of them will become your new standard.  You will have a primary lifestyle manager who will be your go to person for your everyday needs.  If it's maintaining a calendar, setting up meetings, or planning your family travel we will have it covered.  Let us help you get the  most out of your days.

Gift Purchasing & Delivery

We have you covered whether it's flowers or  finding the perfect gift for the company holiday gift

Personal Errands

Why do your to-do list when we can? Plus we will  come and unpack everything for you while you sit back and relax.

Vacation Planning

Time for a little wanderlust with out the stress.  We do the planning so you get to enjoy the entire process.

Reservation &

Local Events

We will take care of all of the arrangements for you. Restaurant reservations, tickets to the weekend sports game or concert, you name it, we will arrange all of your plans.